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Car Window Tinting FAQ

Welcome to our car window tinting FAQ page. Here, you’ll find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our vehicle tinting service.
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Will my window tint bubble or peel?

When a high quality tint film is used, your tints should not bubble or peel. BK Tint use a very high quality tint and heat treat the tint once installed to cure the tint to the glass, which prevents air bubbles and peeling. For this reason, we offer a guarantee with our tinting service which lasts the lifetime of the vehicle.

Which shade of window tint should I choose?

BK Tint offer two shades of tint, 5% and 20%. The percentage is based on how much light is allowed through the tint. 5% is a “Limo Black” style tint and is our darkest tint. 20% is a lighter shade, and is the factory standard percentage. 5% offers the most amount of privacy, which has a more “blackout” appearance. 20% allows a little more light, but is also very private, and has a more “classic” appearance.

What are the legal requirements for window tinting?

In the UK, the rear door windows, quarter windows, and rear windscreen (all glass from the B Pillar backwards) can be tinted at any percentage. However, the front door windows and front windscreen can only be tinted to the legal limit of 70%. The front windows on all cars are already tinted to 70% when they come out of the factory. For this reason, it is illegal to install, or have black tints installed on any of the front windows. If you are caught by the police having tints past the legal limit on the front windows, they will remove the tint from your window, you will receive a fine, and three points on your license, and the tint company who installed the illegal tints will also incur a fine. BK Tint does NOT install tint of any shade on the front windows of any vehicle.

How long does the tint last?

At BK Tint, we use very high quality tint film. Because of this we offer a guarantee with all of our tints which lasts for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Can my window tint be installed in all weather conditions?

As BK Tint is a mobile service, most of our work is done outside in open air. Generally speaking, we can still work in most weather conditions. However, in extreme weather (heavy rain, strong winds, snow, etc.) it just isn’t possible to complete the job to the high standard that we guarantee. Any appointments that we have to reschedule due to weather are always booked in again as soon as possible.

How long will it take to get my windows tinted?

This depends on a few factors. The size of the vehicle and the amount of windows. Generally speaking, most of our tint jobs are completed between 1 and 2 hours. Some small vehicles may even be completed in less than an hour!

How should I care for my tints?

We recommend a few tips to best care for your tints. If you clean the inside of the windows, its best not to use anything too abrasive (e.g. scouring pads or wire wool). This will avoid leaving scratch marks on the film. If we tinted a roll down window on your vehicle, we recommend leaving the window all the way up for at least 7 days after installation. This gives the adhesive in the tint chance to fully dry out and eliminates the chance of the tint catching on the window frame.

What will my tints look like straight after the job is finished?

Immediately after the tint film is installed, you may see some blotches or streaks in the tint (also known as ‘blistering’). This is just the result of moisture trapped between the tint film and the glass. This is completely normal and just requires some patience. Usually these have all completely dried out and disappeared within 7 days of installation. During cold weather it may take a little longer, or they may disappear faster in hot weather.

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